Brad was a co-founder of the station and his knowledge of and love for music was tremendously unparalleled. Brad had a great sense of humor along with so many amazing stories of his life experiences. Brad was not only a music aficionado, but a fantastic drummer and vinyl record collecting enthusiast as well. Brad also had a love for classic horror and his collection of memorabilia is simply amazing. Brad was a kind and friendly person and would show that with everyone he met throughout his life. We always looked forward to Thursday nights on SAR with his show "Madbrad's Metal Mayhem" and as soon as we heard his show opener "The Munsters Theme Song", we knew we were in for a wild ride of heavy metal / hard rock and his popular segment that he called "Blast From The Past" where he would showcase a classic rock band. He was a fantastic DJ and he truly loved what he did in the way of bringing music to the masses. The work he did with his friend Richard Dean for "Thrill Of the Hunt" (tagline: "Collecting Adventures In The Wild") was just so great and a lot of fun as well. Brad was a good man, a husband, a father and a class act and he will be severely missed by those that are his family and friends. Bless you Brad and thank you for bringing so much joy to so many people. Rock On, may you forever R.I.P and we all love you. 

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