*** SONIC ASYLUM RADIO PRESENTS*** Riot Act's Tuesdays Night Moshcrew From 5pm to 10pm *** Mad Brads Metal Mayhem Thursday Nights from 7pm to 11pm *** DJMetalwargods” Metal Uprising! Wednesday Nights 7pm till 10:30 pm CST*** Corrie Rox Yor World Sunday Night From 8pm to 11pm***Metal Euphoria Saturdays Aftrnoon From 3pm to 7pm***The Metal Storm Monday Nights 7pm till 11pm***Pink Psycho Circus Fridays Nights 7pm till 11pm***

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You will need a registered name to post.

1. Click where it says "name" box and enter the name you want to use to login.

2. Then click the blue "profile" link and register your login name with a password.

3. You can then enter a message and click Go to post.

4. Click "profile" again to log out or to log in on your next visit.

Navagation instructions

1. Click help link for help on chat box.

2. Click the smiles link to add smiles to your message.

3. The Profile link is for your password login and logout.

4. Users online is to show you who is all online in the chat room.

5. Refresh link is to refresh the chat box.

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